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Brand makes up to 20 % of company value. Is yours protected?


Your company identity relies on the protection of both – brand and design. With the right protection, you can prevent others from imitating your brand and solidify your market position. You can rely on us to help you in developing an effective strategy to make the most of your money and time.

With hundreds of successfully registered trademarks and industrial designs in our portfolio, we have the experience to handle situations, even when things do not go smoothly. We are ready to take on the management of your portfolio, ensure rights monitoring, and address any disputes that may arise.

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You can save up to 75 % on office fees when registering trademarks or industrial designs thanks to EUIPO SME Fund. Don’t worry, the administration of the Fund is on us.

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How to protect your design?

For up to 25 years of protection, register an industrial design to safeguard your product’s aesthetic.

For such protection, the product must not have been disclosed anywhere (e.g., on websites), either by you or someone else, for more than 12 months. Simultaneously, the design needs to stand out sufficiently from others in the market.

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How to protect your brand?

Brand symbols (signs) can be protected by a trademark, almost indefinitely. It is mainly used to protect the name (verbal) and logo (visual), but it can also be used to protect placement of an element on the packaging, repetiton of an element, animation or sound, for example.

The requirement is that the customer is able to recognize your brand on the basis of such sign and not confuse it with another brand. A trademark does not protect signs that are deceptive, contrary to good morals, or, for example, resembling religious or state symbols.

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Brand protection in the world

National, regional or international protection may be obtained in different ways. Each of them or a combination of them present different advantages. It depends on how you plan to expand your brand. We can help you make the right choice.

Design protection in the world

Design protection in the world takes on several forms –  in the Czech Republic it is an industrial design, in the EU a Community design, in the US a design patent. Each of them presents different conditions and requirements. We are familiar with all of them and will combine the applications in order to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Types of trademarks

Sometimes it is not enough to protect just the name or logo. .

To ensure uniqueness, you may also protect a specific colour, animation or sound, repeating pattern or a placement of a specific element on your product.

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    Trademarks and designs

    Frequently asked questions

    A trademark is the best way to protect your brand.

    It protects any sign which is sufficiently capable of distinguishing the products or services of one person from those of another. Simply put, this means that with its help you will appropriatelly and legally strengthen your brand in the market and be able to take more effective action against plagiarists.

    It is mainly used to protect the name and logo, but it can also be used to protect placement of an element on the packaging, repetiton of an element, animation or sound, for example. Read our article on types of trademarks to find out more. Read about all trademark options and categories here.

    The main advantage of a trademark is that its owner can prohibit anyone from using a sign that is identical or confusing with the trademark. These rights are acquired for the same or similar goods or services in the territory where the trademark is registered.

    With a trademark, you get a monopoly on the use of the sign in the given territory, giving you a privileged position for any disputes concerning these rights.

    A trademark protects the signs that make up your brand. This includes the logo, the name, the colour or, for example, the placement of the sign on the product.

    While a trademark protects, for example, the packaging of a product, an industrial design protects its shape.

    When it comes to physical products, it’s particularly beneficial to combine these two types of protection. Consider sneakers as an example – safeguard their shape with an industrial design and the distinctive color of the sole with a trademark.

    Having a trademark won’t hurt, but it might not be a wise investment, especially if you run a service establishment in a small town and named it after yourself (e.g., Jane Example Hair Salon).

    Conversely, a trademark becomes essential when you’re gearing up to enter the market and might catch the eye of other market players. The absence of a trademark, providing exclusive rights to use your name for specific products and services, leaves room for anyone to exploit these situations and piggyback on your success.

    By monitoring trademark databases, a practice known as trademark watching.

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    Preparing applications for the entire European Union, the US, and other parts of the world.

    We will guide you in configuring the proper legal relationships between you, creators, and users.

    For your in-house staff, external partners, and suppliers.

    Through contracts, we will secure transfer of the acquired rights or licenses.

    In accordance with your needs.

    We will conduct research in databases and registries.

    Through this process, we will assess the rights of your competitors and provide aid in preventing disputes when bringing your design and brand to the market.

    Should a dispute arise, we will either enforce your rights or formulate strong arguments for your defense.

    We will challenge any disputed rights on your behalf.

    As patent attorneys, we are legally bound to confidentiality.

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