Subsidies for Official Fees (EUIPO)

How much can you save with the available grants?

  • 90 % off the costs for consultation services and intellectual property audit (IP Scan) – 90 EUR instead of 900 EUR
  • 1 000 EUR on the official fees associated with the filing of trademark and industrial design applications  (75 % for national and European applications, 50 % for international applications)
  • 750 EUR on national patent applications

The grant is provided by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and arranged by us for our clients free of charge.

Grant amount:

RightWithout grantWith grant
Czech trademark5,000 CZK1,250 CZK
EU trademark850 EUR212.5 EUR
Czech industrial design1,000 CZK250 CZK
Community design (EU)350 EUR87.5 EUR

For international trademark and industrial design applications, the reimbursement amount is 50 %.

The maximum overall reimbursement guaranteed by the grant is 1 000 EUR per one applicant.

Practical example:

You are going to introduce a new product on the European market and want to protect its name and logo. You may be eligible for the following subsidies:

  • for 1 EU trademark: 637.5 EUR
  • for 1 EU design: 262.5 EUR
  • Overall subsidy: 900 EUR

Out of the original 1200 EUR for the official fees you get a reimbursement of 900 EUR, the total amount of fees will thus be 300 EUR.


In 2022 alone, we helped dozens of our clients save over 2,500,000 CZK thanks to the same program.


Are you interested in obtaining a grant?

Let’s discuss the protection and support options together

Grant details

Intended for small and middle-sized businesses and self-employed persons

Such businesses include:

  • enterprises with less than 250 emplyees
  • and at the same time, having a turnover of ≤ EUR 50 million, or an annual balance sheet total of ≤ EUR 43 million

Back payment of a support

Finances from the SME Fund and EUIPO support are back paid and it is necessary to take into account the increase in price by VAT.

Inteded for official fees

The subsidy covers only the official fees for application filing. 

It does not cover the total amount needed for filing of trademark or design applications. It is therefore necessary to add the price for the work of a patent attorney on processing and filing the applications.

Patent attorney services are included in SME fund – Innovation Vouchers – protection of industrial property rights. However, the minimum amount of this subsidy is 50,000 CZK, it is thus intended for more expensive (mostly international) protection.


How to choose the correct support?

Conduct a mini-audit (IP Scan). You will get an overview of your company’s IP and be able to identify, which IP is worth protecting. Moreover, IP Scan is an option to reveal hidden possibilities and risks of your intellectual property.

IP Scan is also the most common form of initiating a new cooperation with our clients. The following step is, for example, trademark registration.

It is possible to get a support for IP Scan provided by a grant that covers 90% of its price. Approximately 8-10 hours of our work may thus cost you 90 EUR instead of 900 EUR. 

You shoud initiate your brand protection by protecting your company name.

A trademark will help you, giving you an exclusive position on the market and the right to use the protected sign, or to prevent someone from using it.

With a trademark, you can also protect other specific signs that make your brand unique and memorable, e.g. logo, color, claim, sound or animation.

75 % of trademark fees can be recovered as part of a grant provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

With proper protection of your intellectual property, you can turn your ideas and projects into marketable assets.

Industrial property rights – trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs – can help you in achieving this goal.

If you want to be sure of the effectiveness and meaningfulness of the chosen rights, do not hesitate to contact us. The initial consultation is non-binding and free of charge.

In case your are not sure, we can start with an IP Scan to identify which intellectual property is worth protecting.

Protect your IP on these markets and take advantage of the possibilty to recover your investments.

Patent and utility model applications are included in the Innovation Vouchers – protection of industrial property rights – Call I, through which you may get back up to 75 % of the investments, within the range of 50 thous. – 500 thous. CZK.

For trademark and design applications (on Czech or EU level) it is more convenient to utilize the SME Fund. These expenses alone do not reach the minimum threshold of Innovation Vouchers support. In some cases, it is possible to include a trademark and a patent in a joint project grant application. However, it depends on the individual case, which we would be happy to discuss with you. Just get in touch.

In such case, it is necessary for you to have a thorough overview of your intellectual property and know its future potential.

An easy and affordable solution is intellectual property consulting included in the IP Scan, thanks to which you can identify opportunities and risks in the IP area. By utilizing the relevant grant, you can get it for a tenth of the price – 90 EUR.

You can make sure whether your intellectual property protection is effective by means of an independent audit.

The IP Scan service, which is covered by a 90% support, is guaranteed by the Czech Industrial Property Office and provided only by accredited companies.

By taking advantage of the IP Scan support, you may save 810 EUR, so for a total of 90 EUR, you can get an independent opinion of another professional on the effectiveness of your rights in the range of about 8 hours.

Don’t know where to start?

Leave it up to us

We will set a strategy for the protection of your brand, products and innovations in line with your business goals. If there is a suitable support to get some of your investment back, we will let you know.


How does our cooperation work?


Scheduling a meeting

to discuss your plans and strategies about which rights to protect and how.


Voucher application

We file a voucher application. With it you can get the relevant support for trademarks, IP Scan or industrial designs. We will need a confirmation on keeping a bank account from you (electronic form is enough).



We wait, or we file

After obtaining the voucher, you have 4 additional months to think about what further steps to realize by 100 %. We may use the entire period or we may proceed immediately. It is up to you.


We file the applications and conduct IP Scan

We prepare applications for the agreed rights and represent you in proceedings before the authorities. In case we agreed on the IP Scan, we will initiate our work.



Voucher redemption

As soon as the applications are filed or the IP Scan finished, you may request the reimbursement.

We take care of the necessary adiministrative work and applying for a subsidy for our clients free of charge.

Since 2021, the success rate of this programme has been 100%.

As patent attorneys, we are legally bound to confidentiality.

Your ideas are safe with us.

Contact person

Blanka Šalšová

Trademarks and Industrial Designs Specialist


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