Trademark Registration

Get the best possible legal protection for your brand in the Czech Republic and abroad

With a trademark, you can stop others from using your brand symbols for their products and services.


  • We draft the trademark application and handle the related administrative tasks.
  • We take care of your trademark for 10 years – and even longer in case of renewal.
  • We alert you about relevant deadlines in timely manner and represent you in negotiations with authorities and competitors.
  • All in line with your business plans.

In 2023, you can reclaim 75% of official fees for trademark applications through the EUIPO grant.

What can be protected by a trademark?

You can protect the signs that make up your brand with a trademark, almost indefinitely. The condition is that the customer is able to recognize your brand on the basis of such sign and not confuse it with another brand. A trademark does not protect signs that are deceptive, contrary to good morals, or, for example, signs resembling religious or state symbols.

Brand protection in the world

National, regional or international protection can be obtained in different ways. Each of them or a combination of them are more or less advantageous. It depends on how you plan to expand your brand. We can help you make the right choice.

How to monitor if someone is trying to obtain a similar trademark?

Monitoring primarily involves regularly checking trademark databases and registers and searching for new potentially conflicting applications.

The main goal is to prevent the registration of a conflicting trademark, so monitoring should be done frequently enough to allow sufficient time to respond to any potential conflicts. The outputs of monitoring depend on the monitored designation, territory, and list of products and services.

Leave monitoring to us

Types of trademarks

Sometimes it is not enough to protect just the name and the logo. You can also protect the specific colour of your products and services to ensure uniqueness. Or an animation, a repeating pattern or placement of a certain element on a product.

How to save on quality protection

Investments in industrial rights are supported at national and EU level. For Czech and EU designs, you can benefit from EUIPO grants, which save you about 75% on the official application fees. For protection in the US, it is preferable to take advantage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Innovation Vouchers Call, which can save you 75% on the total cost of patent attorney services.

As patent attorneys, we are legally bound to confidentiality.

All your data is safe with us.

Do you want strategic protection for your brand?


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    Where do you need to protect your brand?

    Czech Republic

    The costs of registration of an industrial design in the Czech Republic start at 4.000 CZK for the first 5 years of validity.
    Such design protection might be extended up to 25 years.

    The actual registration takes place approximately within 2 years after filing of an application.

    The costs include:

    • Consultation on design protection options
    • Protection strategy 
    • Preparation of an application
    • Official filing fee (may be lower if the applicant and the designer is the same person)
    • Representation before the Czech IPO
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    European Union

    It is possible to obtain protection in the EU by registering a Community design. The costs start at 10.000 CZK for the first 5 years of protection. Such design protection may be extended up to 25 years.

    Protection of your design is practically immediate – the design is usually registered within a week after filing of the application.

    The costs include:

    • Consultation on design protection options
    • Protection strategy
    • Preparation of an application
    • Representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office
    • Protection across the whole EU territory
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    Design in the US is protected by a design patent (similar to industrial design), for up to 15 years. The costs for such protection start at 32.000 CZK for 1 design. The actual registration takes place approximately 1 year after the filing of an application.

    The costs include:

    • Consultation on design protection options
    • Protection strategy
    • Preparation of an application
    • Representation before the US PTO via cooperating US patent attorney
    • Communication with the local patent attorney

    Other territories

    We can arrange protection almost all over the world thanks to a network of trusted cooperating foreign attorneys.

    Let us know where you need protection and we will take care of the rest.


    The costs include:

    • Setting up the registration strategy
    • Creating a list of products and services
    • Valid trademarks search
    • Domain names search
    • Commercial register search
    • Drafting, processing, and filing of the application (and related paperwork)
    • Representation during the proceedings + the next 10 years
    • Monitoring of relevant deadlines
    • Expert consultation whenever you need

    How we work


    First – contact us

    Through the form, via email, by phone, or in a meeting, and we will discuss the best approach. The initial consultation is free.


    Assessment of your trademark

    Based on your information, we will check whether your trademark is registrable. Free of charge.


    Design protection strategy

    A trademark is valid for 10 years, so we do not underestimate anything and act in accordance with your business plans. We will provide you with a calculation of the total costs.


    Preparation & filing

    We will check by a search whether your trademark is not at risk of conflict or litigation. We will create a list of products and services, prepare an application and file it after your approval.


    Trademark registration

    We will represent you during the proceedings, handle the related and subsequent paperwork and ensure that the validity of your trademark is not jeopardized.

    If you want to make sure that no one registers a trademark similar to yours, we will also regularly monitor all registers and databases in the selected territory by trademark monitoring.


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