Design Searches

Map the existing industrial designs on specific markets

With design searches we can check:

  • if you do not infringe on other industrial rights upon entering the market;
  • activities of your competitors, monitor their new filings and thus reveal their future plans;
  • the risks of similarity with another product protected with an industrial design.

The search may be also advantageous if a competitor confronts you due to infringement of their rights, in case you receive a restraining or pre-suit notice.

Design searches are the searches in databases of industrial designs that protect a unique product design. With an industrial design you may prevent others from using the same design, however, owning an industrial design does not automatically mean that a similar design has not been already protected by someone else.

Search types

Freedom to Operate Search (FTO)

This search serves to examine the existing rights in the particular territory in order to reduce a risk of their infringement.
  1. Before initiating the search, we need to be familiar with the product appearance and to know when/if it has been already published.
  2. If we encounter a registered industrial design presenting a possible risk during the search, we will help you to modify your product in order to avoid collision.

The search outcome is a list of found industrial designs, risk evaluation and recommendation for further action.

Over 1 million industrial designs has been already registered in the Czech Republic, protecting all possible types of products.

The search can thus be quite time demanding; the more information you provide the better we can focus our search.

Search for the overview of competition rights

Due to the massive number of valid industrial designs, it would be inefficient to perform a comprehensive search for certain types of products.

On the contrary, it may also happen that your sector is quite narrow and you know all your direct competitors.

The outcome of the search for the overview of competition rights might be:

  • Design purity – if you want to make sure that specific companies cannot prevent you from doing business based on their registered industrial designs
  • Portfolio overview – when you want to find out what your competition is protecting and how. This search can be performed periodically so that you are aware of the plans of your competition well before introducting the product to the market.

Design similarity analysis 

Are you aware of an industrial design that could mean complications for your bussiness?

We can conduct an analysis to determine the degree of similarity and risk.

In case the risk of a dispute is too high, we help you redesign your product or choose another suitable strategy for entering the market and expanding.


You’re at the right place

We’ll help you to enter the market as smoothly as possible

so that your products do not interfere with the rights of competitors and at the same time stay protected from imitators.

Additional information

What do we need from you?

  • Appearance of the design, which will be the subject of a search
  • List of relevant states (resp. territories)

What are the costs?

The costs of a search depend on:

  • the size of the searched market
  • design complexity

This affects the time required for a search. The costs thus have to be determined case by case and you will be provided with an estimate before initiating our cooperation based on the provided information and the above-mentioned criteria.

Contact us with your inquiry

How does our cooperation work?


Meeting in person /online

and discussing your ambitions regarding the product.


Providing a cost estimate

based on the size of the searched market, design complexity and other information.


Performing a search in the selected territory

in all databases and registers.


Providing you with the search outcome along with our comments

from specialists on brand and design protection, with our recommendations for further action.