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Our top priority is to ensure that all of your key documents maintain their quality throughout the translation process in German, French, English, Spanish, Czech and Slovak language.


The accuracy and consistency of our translations both in terms of content and language is guaranteed. We understand that even the slightest deviation in technical or legal terminology can have a significant impact on the extent of patent protection.

We do not outsource your translations to other agencies. Instead, we carefully select individual translators who have the precise expertise to handle the specific fields.

Our network currently consists of over 50 external and internal translators specializing in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, natural sciences, technology, and more.

We translate


Patent applications and related patent validations


Professional technical texts (manuals, user guides, research papers, and leaflets)


Legal documents for court proceedings




Marketing materials

We realize the risk arising from poor translations

Therefore, we take care of them, so that you can fully focus on your business

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    Why other companies trust us?

    Our principles


    We guarantee

    the accuracy and consistency of our translations – in terms of both content and language.

    It stays in our hands.

    We do not outsource your translations to other agencies.

    We stay industry-specific.

    We use industry-specific terminology and keep it consistent.

    We know the drill.

    And we stay on top of it.

    We double-check.

    All our translations undergo a thorough four-eye review.

    We handle the text elements in the graphic sections.

    In pictures, sketches, and charts.

    We use specialized CAT tools for more efficient translation.

    If that’s your cup of tea, we’re all in.

    We do not provide literary translations, nor do we promise exotic language combinations.

    We only take care of what we are 100% skilled at.

    Your translation is in good hands with our dedicated team.

    Our team consists of specialists from the field as well as professional linguists.

    We’re exited to work with you!

    Do you have any questions, or can we dive right into it?

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    Ivana Šuleková

    Validation Specialist & Translation Supervisor