Trademark Search

Avoid possible disputes and find a suitable mark for your brand

  • Over 2 million trademarks have already been registered in the Czech Republic only
  • Avoid possible disputes and make sure that your trademark does not infringe on the rights of someone else
  • We can perform a search in databases to check potential rights of your competitors and help you avoid disputes when registering or introducing your brand to the market
  • With a complete trademark search you reduce the risk of applying for protection and using a mark that has already been protected by someone else. The latter can not only prevent the registration of your mark, but also prohibit the use of your mark on the market or assert other claims, including compensation for damages

You will receive a complex overview of possibly conflicting rights to your brand. Our specialists on brand and design protection will comment on it and provide feedback for the most risky parts, recommending the possible further action for protection of your brand.


Freedom to Operate Search (FTO)

Do you have a unique mark for your products and services? First of all, you need to make sure that you are not accidentally infringing on your competitor’s trademark.

  • Example: You own a registered trademark – “VERIPA” – for you products. If competitors start labelling their products as “VERIPPEA”, there is a risk that customers will confuse those two. The law also addresses this problem – a trademark provides protection not only against a match, but also interchangeability. Therefore, with your trademark, you can prohibit competitors from using a similar mark for the same products.

This also applies vice versa – if you are entering the market with your mark, you might face a similar ban from another trademark owner.

It does not necessarily have to be a direct competitor. Another person may offer remotely similar products or services that you do not provide at all, but might be complementary to yours. Or it could be someone who owns the trademark but is not yet using it on the market yet.

KNOCK-OUT search

Do you have more ideas on the name of your brand and don’t know which to choose?

We will guide you through a knock-out search, in which we quickly focus on potential disputes associated with different marks.

We will then assess suitable options more thoroughly to see if they do not interfere with the rights of other owners.

A search on interchangeability for all the marks you are choosing from would be unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, we recommend that you first select only a few and then perform the search.

Analysis of competition rights

Are you interested in the activities of your competition? Do you want to keep track of the next steps in their branding?

It is a common practice for the big companies to register their trademarks before entering the market. By searching the databases, you will get timely information about their plans and you will have more space for your reaction or to adjust your strategy.

What do we need from you?

In case we have already been taking care of your mark, we should have all the required documents and a short consultation will be sufficient.

If we don’t know each other yet, we will need more detailed information.

Send us a form with a non-binding inquiry and you will usually get a response within the following day. 

    Form of marking

    List of relevant countries

    List of products and services


    What are the costs?

    • A complete search of valid trademarks in the Czech Republic will usually take 2-3 hours, for the EU trademarks it is usually 2-5 hours. The resulting time depends on the particular mark, products and services for which you intend to protect your mark, as well as on the number of found documents that need to be analysed.
    • Before starting our cooperation, we will provide you with a cost estimate based on the provided materials and the above-mentioned criteria.

    How does our cooperation usually work?


    Meeting in person /online

    and discussing what are your ambitions regarding the trademark.


    Providing a cost estimate

    based on the provided information.


    Performing a search in the selected territory

    in all databases. We provide you with the search results along with the brand protection specialist’s comments and recommendations for further action.


    Performing the search for the particular document

    in professional databases, registers and other relevant materials.


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