Patentability Search

Examining the invention by a search before the patent application filing often saves the costs associated with complex patent proceedings, or the total investment in protecting an idea that somebody already had before.

In basic patent proceedings in the Czech Republic, you first pay for the preparation of an application and the associated official fees, and only 6-10 months later you get to know whether your solution is patentable.


  • With a patentability search, you know your chances to obtain a patent in a matter of weeks 
  • Moreover, you obtain valuable materials for preparation of subsequent patent and utility design applications 
  • You may also reveal features of your invention or technical solution that are more suitable for protection than those you originally intended to protect


In the case of extending protection abroad, which is itself very expensive, you do not risk spending unnecessary funds on poor-quality protection. Foreign applications are to a great extent content dependent on the first national application; therefore, it pays to spare no expenses.

The best time to perform a patentability search is before a patent or utility model application filing. 


When do you benefit from a search?


During preparation of an application

In case your invention is not patentable, you can save both time and money for an unnecessary application. 


At the filing

In case your invention is patentable, the search facilitates the patent proceedings and thus reduces the costs.


At the scope of protection

Thanks to the knowledge of similar solutions, we know exactly what makes your solution unique, and can thus better define the scope of protection. 

Searches can only be performed based on the already published documents. Publication typically takes place within 18 months after the application filing date.
No search provides 100% certainty. However, we make our best to get as close to it as possible within the agreed time allowance.

What is the outcome of the search?

  • An overview of relevant documents which may be an obstacle to the granting of the patent (including references to the original version or machine translation into English, filing date, applicant details, etc.)
  • A record of the search strategy employed
  • A patent specialist’s opinion on the patentability of your solution
  • Valuable information for the preparation of a quality patent application and recommendations for further action

What will we need from you?

  • A detailed description of your invention (what it is used for, what it consists of, how exactly does it work, its main advantage, drawings, etc.)
  • Similar existing solutions or competitors’ names

The more details we have about your know-how, the better our search will be, and the more efficient we will be in performing it.


How much does the search cost?

The cost of the search depends on the time required for it. That depends on the complexity of the solution, the technical field, and the territory where you want to seek protection. We will need this information for a correct price estimate.

As patent attorneys, we are legally bound to confidentiality.
Your ideas and innovations are safe with us.

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Jan Svítil

Patent Attorney, Team Leader


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